Want fresh at home gym workouts? We got you!

9 April 2020

Longing for a gym workout?

Don’t worry, we’re missing you just as much.
That’s why we’ve got you covered for keeping up your fitness
until you can hit the gym again.
Download the FREE TWellness app and you can access
a bunch of at home gym workouts. There’s no commitment or lock in and there are
different workouts of the day for every fitness level.

And the best bit?
You don’t need any equipment.
Yep, it’s back to basics with these new, engaging bodyweight workouts.
Workout times range from 15mins to 30mins and you can choose between

three different fitness levels. Plus, all workouts come with instructional videos.

It’s easy to use, just download the app to your mobile or tablet (iOS and Android) and keep your fitness goals on track until we’re back together again.

Download the app for iOS or Android and get active today!