Update to Lifestyle Membership use of The Rings

7 January 2021

We're so excited to have you back at The Rings. In preparation for the return of basketball and netball at The Rings following the COVID-19 shutdown, governing bodies have developed guidelines that assist sporting groups return to their sport safely.

What to expect

The Rings in association with your club will be implementing cashless payment methods for any door entry or score sheet payments based on these recommendations.

Teams will now be paying these fees online prior to the game. If you are a Lifestyle Member, for you to receive your entitlements under your Maroondah Leisure Lifestyle Membership for match related fees/payments, please follow these steps:
  1. Register your attendance with a staff member from The Rings at the time of your game.
  2. A staff member from The Rings will record your visit details.
  3. Pay your Team Manager/Captain your proportion of the score sheet fee.
  4. At the end of each fortnight your relevant match related costs will be reimbursed from your membership fee. 
For club specific queries, please contact your club directly. 

Casual Shooting will continue to be free for Maroondah Leisure Lifestyle members. Members are welcome to call The Rings on 9298 4487 to book into a casual shooting session. Please visit our website for availability.

See you soon,

The Rings team