Social groups

Ringwood Golf is home to Ringwood Golf Club and many other social and golfing groups, who organise golfing competitions, social events and more. This enables men and women of any age and any golfing ability to get involved, socialise with other golfers and have a hit.

Bellbirds & Mudlarks

Play on Tuesday mornings
Tee time: 7:30am (8:00am) in winter

For further information:
Mudlarks : Loretta Pope 9801 8041
Bellbirds: Marian Kingswood 0439 082 756


Play on Tuesdays

For further information: Liz Wade: 0409 772 598

Red Caps Golf

Play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

For further information: Roger Henderson: 0448 990 215

Ringwood Golf Club Inc.

Ringwood Golf Club organise competitions for their members at Ringwood Golf Club:

Wednesdays: Men’s competition
Thursdays: Ladies' competition
Monday and Saturday: Mixed events

For more information, or to join, please contact the Club on 9879 4854.

Ringwood Golf Club