Aqua aerobics

Aqua aerobics

Aqua aerobics is a fun, low-impact water fitness for all age groups and fitness levels.

Build strength, tone and cardiovascular fitness, within the gentle, no/low-impact nature of water all at your own pace.

Shallow Water 

A high-energy, low-impact water based class enabling a huge cardiovascular and strength training experience. Every class will provide something new so you never get the same work out twice.

Shallow Water Aqua. Warm Water

Using the power of heat to improve your movement, this fun-filled aqua aerobics class is perfect for anyone with conditions such as arthritis, back pain or joint problems. Designed to help you get active and stay active.

Deep Water

Make a splash whilst getting fit in deeper water. Using a buoyancy belt to provide an uplifting workout experience, this class includes both cardiovascular and strength training within a non-impact environment.

Get ready

  • For safety reasons and courtesy to participants, patrons are not permitted to enter a class once it has started
  • All aqua class participants must be poolside five minutes prior to class commencement
  • Participants must be aged 16 years and over to attend group fitness classes. However, once a month there will be designated group fitness classes for Teen Lifestyle Members

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