Personal Training

Get focused, stay motivated and achieve your goals with our personal trainers.

Enjoy a range of benefits

  • Motivating, fun sessions led by specialised personal trainers
  • Personalised feedback and coaching throughout
  • Constant variation of exercises
  • Varied intensity to challenge all fitness levels
  • Affordable pricing

Focus on your personal goal:

  • Recover from injury
  • Weight management
  • Improve fitness
  • Build strength, mobility and stability
  • Sport specific training
  • Body conditioning

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Personal Trainers

Nina Stewart

“You have to move it or lose it. Looking after your body is the key to living a healthy, long and hopefully pain free life.”

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Shona Vian

“You need to be strong enough, fit enough and flexible enough to do what you want in life.”

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Ann Sewell

“If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent you will keep it.”


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