Top 5 benefits of Group Fitness 

Are you a group fitness fanatic? or perhaps you're a bit of a novice? Either way, a group fitness class can help fuel your personal health for years to come. Not convinced? Here's our top five reasons to attend a group fitness class.

Shake it up

No, we're not just talking about shakin' your groove thing here. We're talking about the variety group fitness adds to your workout. Les Mills, Freestyle, Cycle, Aqua Classes, the list goes on. Whatever your particular jar of jam may be, there are several types of classes offered at Maroondah Leisure to keep your exercise routine varied and most of all fun. Keeping things interesting isn't just for entertainment, having a variety of classes in your weekly workout regimen causes muscle confusion - this keeps your body guessing and ramps up your metabolism. Win-win. 


Being part of a team is one of the best ways to get motivated. Even if you attend group fitness on your own, being part of this fun, social group with dedicated, like-minded individuals. Add to that a class with an encouraging instructor and you've got yourself the perfect recipe for motivation. Group fitness is an excellent way to not only motivate yourself, but others around you too.

Plan of attack

Love exercise but want to take the pressure off planning your own workout? Then you're in luck, because each group fitness class follows a simple, yet effective structure: warm-up, a balanced workout and a cool down. 

The warm-up will help loosen your joints and muscles before you workout, while also properly raising your heart rate. Then, a qualified instructor will coach you through the entire workout, followed by a cool down to lower your heart rate and have a good old stretch.

Technique correction

The role of your group fitness instructor is to not only show you the moves, but also make sure every participant is executing them properly. This prevents injury, but also ensures your muscles get the most out of the workout. 

Be accountable

Committing to a group fitness class is one of the best ways to ensure you will stick to your workout. Why not find a few Maroondah Leisure classes you want to attend and invite your buddy? Making yourself accountable to others is sure to help you keep up appearances (and your fitness levels to boot)

Above all, group fitness is all about exercising in a fun, social, motivating environment. Check out our group fitness timetables at Aquahub or Aquanation today.