What to eat to kickstart your day

Ever hear your alarm go off in the morning and think to yourself man I can’t wait to go to bed tonight? We. Feel. You.

Having energy first thing in the morning is a vibe we are keen for, so, we’ve hit up Aquanation and Aquahub gym instructor Laura English to find out what to eat give our mornings a real kick.

So how do we do it? Well according to English, it’s not actually that hard. The gym instructor and nutrition nut says variety will help you get all the nutrients your body needs and stay energised throughout the day.

Foods for an energy boost

For an energy boost, English says carbs are your friends and includes oats as one of her favs.

“I really like to have oats in the morning, they’re a really good source of carbohydrates and that just keeps me full all day.”

She adds that the carbs in the morning not only give you a little kick, but they are “low GI as well so it’s a food that keeps your energy going throughout the day.”

Foods to satisfy you

We’ve all been there, it’s mid afternoon and those donuts in the office tea room are looking pretty sweet right about now. English says eating foods high on the satiety index for breakfast will keep you going all day long and less likely to reach for a sugar hit later in the day.

“For satiety, don’t be afraid of carbs especially in the morning,” advises the gym instructor.

She says if oats don’t tickle your tastebuds, there are a bunch of ways to include carbs in your breakfast.

“Even if you’re not into oats, you can have protein pancakes, toast, eggs on toast.”

Her perfect combo is eggs on toast because “eggs are high in protein and healthy fats and you get your carbs from your bread as well.”

Healthy smoothie breakfast Woman tasting smoothie

Foods for muscle recovery

Lots of us love a good protein shake to start the day, but as a big believer in wholefoods English suggests getting creative with your breaky for muscle recovery.

“You can have Greek yoghurt that’s a great place to start and you can have that with nuts and berries and that’s a great way to get high protein in the morning.”

Not a sweet tooth? No sweat. The gym instructor says, “You can also have eggs or chicken if you feel like more of a savoury breakfast.”

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, English recommends a black bean breakfast burrito - YUM!

The gym instructor also recommends including lots of veggies, nuts and seeds to get plenty of protein in your diet to not only fuel your day, but also help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Foods to tick all the boxes

Protein wears the crown for muscle recovery and when paired with healthy fats and amino acids you’ve got yourself a solid wolf pack for smashing the day ahead.

“For healthy fats and amino acids, a really easy thing to do when you’re having your protein or your oats is to have some nuts and seeds on top.”

The gym instructor says nuts are a trusty trio of goodness. “Nuts a great source of amino acids, healthy fats and high in protein as well that will not only help you feel full but also your recovery for your muscles as well.”

Tick. Tick. TICK!