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How to kick a cold with exercise

Don’t overdo it coming back into training, listen to your body

Being sick sucks. But when you’re keen to get moving again how do you know whether your bod is up for it or when you should just chillax and binge on the couch?

Personal trainer Michelle Flarve from Aquanation has some tips to get you back to your active best.

How do you know if you’re too under the weather to workout?

Being sick gets real boring real quick. Really, there’s only so much wallowing in mountains of tissues most of us can tolerate. So, it’s understandable most of us want to get back to a bit of normality and get moving again.

Still, Flarve warns about jumping the gun and spreading the love (so to speak!)

“Coming back to the gym depends on whether you’re contagious or not, if you are contagious we wouldn’t recommend coming into the gym and sharing your germs around.”

Flarve adds, simple tactics can ensure you’re not passing on your bug to your fellow gym goers.

“Sneeze into your elbow, bring a towel and always wipe down the equipment you use,” advises Flarve.

Should you just keep your grossness to yourself?

“If you’ve got a runny nose and you’re blowing it all the time, don’t come to the gym because it’s both unhygienic and will also hamper your workout,” warns Flarve.

Flarve says although many people want to sweat out their winter bug at the gym, really they’re just spreading their germs. Instead, she recommends a bit of fresh air.

“If you do want to be active, go for a walk outside or go for a bike ride or potentially come in and use a treadmill but it’s really important to consider the health of other people around you,” says Flarve.

Flarve adds there’s no rule of thumb for everyone, so listening to your body is your best bet. “Don’t overdo it coming back into training, listen to your body and if you’re used to strength training or cardio do what you normally would but on a lesser scale.”

If you’re ready to give your immune system a good boost, get those nutrients into you pronto!

Nutrition is key to kicking a winter bug and Flarve says it’s very simple to get those nutrients into your body.

“Hydration is really important and if you’ve got a sore throat, soups are great because they’re a bit easier to swallow and you can get lots of nutrients in,” she recommends. 

Flarve adds, it’s all about getting back to basics to get you back to your best. “A balanced diet including fruit, veggies and meat to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need.”

Michelle Flarve is a personal trainer at Aquanation and has a Certificate III and IV in Fitness and a Beck Health Certificate of Nutrition and Diet for Sport Exercise.Learn more.