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Top isolation cardio exercises

Isolation making you crave that cardio adrenaline rush? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got some crazy good cardio ideas for your isolation needs.


Got a tennis racket and a ball? Find a wall and practice tennis/squash - This is a great hand-eye coordination drill, change it up by only hitting with one hand for a certain amount of time then swap hands. This way you will practise with your non-dominate side to strengthen it up. This can also help with foot work as you have less reaction time than in a game form. 


Get crafty. Yes really. Get the crayons out and play hopscotch (great one to do with the kids). This school yard favourite is a fun game that involves strength, balance, eye/hand coordination and fine motor control. Challenge you and the kids by adding wall sits and star jumps if you step on lines. 


Mountain climbers are the perfect full body exercise that gets your heart rate up, whilst working on upper and lower body strength with core. Give yourself an extra challenge by using a TABATA based formula of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest - repeat 8 times. 


Love ‘em or hate ‘em burpees are a brilliant at home cardio burn. This high intensity exercise that hits each body part because it’s both a strength and aerobic exercise. Broken down into four movements from standing position into a squat, to the ground into a plank position, lowering your body down onto the floor, push up to plank again then jumping legs out back to standing position. Repeat these as fast as you can a few times and you will be feeling it.

Up for even more of a challenge? Try and do 50 burpees in 2 minutes, this will definitely get the heart rate up. 


There’s good reason why this is the go-to exercise for boxers. Skipping is an aerobic exercise and workout that improves cardiovascular fitness, stamina, coordination, balance and agility.

If you want to shake things up, try timed rounds with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest. Or you could count your number of reps aiming for a big number and increasing over time – 500 skip one day and then next time 600.  


Running. So simple yet so effective. To keep yourself motivated, set yourself a goal; if you’re new to running you may want to aim to run continuously for a period and then increase overtime. Or another aim could be to run a certain distance and aim to increase that distance or smash through it quicker with every run.


A little easier on the joints than running, walking is great for your cardio fitness. Much like a run, set yourself some goals; distance or time. If you’re walking for exercise, make sure you walk at a brisk pace that allows you to elevate your heart rate.