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How to fuel your fitness

If you’re gonna be burnin’ energy you’ve gotta have something to burn, right? Yep, eating the right grub can definitely help you achieve your goals.But don’t sweat it, we’re not about to get you eating like you’re in beast mode for every meal.

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Can food reverse a burnout?

We all have days where we’re not feeing super perky.But if that feeling of fatigue and even exhaustion is lingering, it might be a sign you’re burnt out.We asked Aquanation personal trainer Byron Manning about nipping a burnout in the butt with your diet.

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How to boost your gains with cardio

If you’re working hard on gettin’ them gains, you might think cardio will hamper your efforts.But as Aquanation personal trainer Chris Pattison explains, it’s about what types of cardio you do that make all the difference.