Instructions for downloading the Maroondah Leisure app

Book a session or class through the Maroondah Leisure app


Click on link to download for Apple iOS

Click on link to download for Google Play


Go into your app store and search ‘Maroondah Leisure’
Download ‘Maroondah Leisure’ app
Create a Mywellness account and enter personal details*
Once you have created your account, please log back into your Mywellness account and add your phone number for contact tracing

*As this is a health and fitness app, there is a requirement to enter your weight, date of birth and gender (male or female). This data is only used for determining your calories burned and MOVES when tracking your activity or working out. If you are just using the Maroondah Leisure app for session bookings you still have to enter your weight (but it doesn’t have to be your actual weight) and Maroondah Leisure staff do not see your weight. Maroondah City Council understand our community are diverse and many individuals may not identify as male or female. We are currently working closely with Technogym to offer another gender option such as non-binary and gender fluid.

*Maroondah Leisure app account may take up to 24-hours to be activated

To book a session at Aquahub, Aquanation or Croydon Memorial Pool via the app

Once your account is activated, select or search for your facility - Aquahub, Aquanation or Croydon Memorial Pool
Click on BOOKINGS tile (image) within app
Click on all upcoming sessions/classes, including session dates, times and locations and the link for Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) and Terms and Conditions.
Select desired session/class you wish to participate in. As the app user you can see how many spots are remaining or if the session has been booked out. (If the session is full, you can nominate to go on a waiting list and if a session spot becomes available, you will be notified with all other members on the waiting list and have the option of booking in. Push and email notifications will only be received if you activate Notifications within the app).