Group Fitness Classes

It’s great to change up your solo workouts by exercising with others. We’re here to help you lead an active lifestyle by offering affordable and accessible options. At Aquanation (Ringwood) and Aquahub (Croydon), we offer a range of facilities and services including gym, pool, warm water pool and group fitness. Keep reading to learn more about how our group fitness caters to every interest, age and ability.

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Why Group Fitness Classes?

If you love working out together with friends and getting motivated while exercising, then group classes can be a big gamechanger: Read the top 5 benefits of Group Fitness.

Other benefits of group fitness include:

  • Supervision from a qualified and friendly instructor
  • Increased motivation and energy from those around you
  • Social interaction with likeminded people in the community
  • The plan is taken care of – just follow along!

What Fitness Groups Can I Join?

We’re proud to offer classes ranging from Les Mills and cycling to yoga, Pilates and aqua aerobics.

Whether you’re looking to fit in a class before the school run, one after work, or throughout the day, our group fitness timetable runs to extended hours to help you stay activity at a time that suits you. And classes run every day of the week.

Our patient and approachable instructors are highly qualified experts in their areas, and will happily welcome newbies, as well as providing pointers on form or adjustments if you’re working around an injury.

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Get Started Today

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