Basketball for Kids

At The Rings basketball for kids provides a safe, supervised and fun environment for your child. See below for the benefits of basketball and find basketball for kids near me.

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Benefits of Basketball for Kids

Basketball is great fun and has fantastic benefits for growing bodies. With a sport that includes running, jumping, throwing, and some tricky hand-eye coordination, basketball is a great fitness activity that helps to develop your child’s motor skills. Active days also help boost your child’s mental health and sleep habits.

Beyond the fitness benefits, basketball can impact your child’s life in so many ways, developing social and interpersonal skills. Think about all the decisions and interactions that happen on a basketball court. By participating in a team sport, they’ll learn to communicate and work well with others. Their problem-solving and decision-making skills will improve. Learning that not every game can be won is also a valuable lesson, which helps build your child’s resilience. As a valued team-member, basketball players may also experience a boost in their self-esteem and social connectedness.

Basketball Kids Near Me

This all sounds great, right? Hand up who wants these benefits for their child! We have programs at The Rings catering to all levels of experience and for children between 3 and 12 years of age. Delivered by experienced coaches, this is a great way to start and develop basketball and life skills.

Junior Basketball at The Rings offers ‘Biddy Ball’ classes catering to all age groups and abilities.

Casual shooting hours are also available if you’re simply looking for a place to practice informally or have a game with friends.

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To learn more about children’s basketball and how you can get started, give us a call at The Rings on (03) 9298 4487.