Baby Swimming

You want your children to be safe in every activity they do – this includes being in and around water. Baby swimming lessons not only promote water safety, but they also promote the close bond between you and your baby and provide a great outlet for socialising. Learn more about the benefits of teaching your child to swim at Aquanation and Aquahub.

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Learn About Water Safety

A baby swimming course teachers your child safety skills around the water. Many Australians love pools and beaches and this forms an important part of our social lives and fitness. For some children this will turn into a love of water, perhaps branching into competitive swimming or other water sports. For others, it’s simply the peace of mind knowing that your child will be safe around water.

Baby swimming lessons are appropriate for children six months of age and older. In our baby swimming course, we encourage parent participation with your child, led by AUSTSWIM qualified teachers. We have learn to swim pools, which have shallower water depths and are warmer which are welcoming to young children. Focussing on individual learning, we make sure that learning to swim is both fun and educational such as learning how to float.

Where to Go for Baby Swimming Sessions

We have two aquatic venues to meet your swimming needs. If you’re looking for ‘baby swimming sessions near me’, you’ll want to visit Aquahub (located in Croydon) or Aquanation (located in Ringwood).

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Make a Booking

Register your interest in a ‘Learn to Swim’ class today (on the pages for Aquahub or Aquanation). We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have.

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