Aquatic venue online booking - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What services are available?


From 22 June - Main pool, warm water pool, outdoor bootcamp, group fitness, retail sales.
From July 13 - Gym


From 22 June - Main pool, warm water pool, outdoor bootcamp (Croydon Athletics track), gym, group fitness and retail sales

Which areas can’t I access?
Waterslides, splash pad, sauna, steam room, spa and spa zone, café, personal training, stadium, gym appointments, public dive and child care.

Who can attend?
Anyone with a confirmed booking can attend our facilities. 

How do I book my session?
Book and pay for an Aquanation session or class here or an Aquahub session or class here, print your ticket or use your mobile phone to present your e-ticket for scanning on arrival to a session.

Can I book more than one person in one transaction?
Yes, you can purchase multiple tickets at the one time.  On booking, you will need to provide a name and contact number for each booked person.

I'm not a member, can I book?
Yes, anyone can book a session. 

Will you be accepting walk-ins? 
Only online bookings are available to adhere to social distancing requirements and capacity management.

In the interests of patron and staff safety, it is important to effectively manage visitors to the venue and to ensure social distancing regulations are adhered to, by staggering patron arrival times. 

How long is each session? 
Each session will be 45 minutes. Approximately 5 minutes before the end of your session, our staff will ask you to prepare to leave the area. After your session, please collect your things and leave the facility promptly so the next session can commence as scheduled. 

Are there changeroom, shower and toilet facilities available?
In line with Victorian Government regulations our change rooms, toilets and hand basins will be available, however showers are limited. We recommend you bring adequate clothing to help you be as comfortable as possible once you finish your session. 

How do I indicate I have additional needs when booking a session?
When booking online, you can opt to bring a carer (complimentary access for carers on presentation of a Companion Card) if your require Hoist/water wheelchairs please see customer service.

What should I bring with me?
Your own filled drink bottles, as drinking fountains and refill stations will not be accessible. No other food or drink is permitted (unless required for medical reasons).

Your own equipment for use in the pool and group fitness equipment as outlined in the session and class information.

Your own towel to use in the group fitness classes and gym. Staff will refuse entry if patrons do not bring a towel. Towels can be purchased at both Aquahub and Aquanation.

For group fitness classes, your own yoga/exercise mats, bands, foam rollers and other props. Only BODYPUMP bars, steps and plates and TONE bands will be provided and must be disinfected and wiped down after each class and in between classes.

How do I change my booking?
Email us 24 hours in advance to make changes to your booking:

Can I have a refund?
Refunds and cancellations are unavailable for missed sessions, illness or change of mind. However, on provision of a medical certificate we can provide a code for you to book an alternate session by emailing

What hygiene and safety measures are in place?
Maroondah Leisure will be following and enforcing the below hygiene, social distancing measures and safety protocols:

Additional cleaning processes have been introduced and cleaning frequency increased to include cleaning between session bookings.
Special attention will be taken to disinfect all high touch surfaces. This includes pin loaded and cardio equipment, weights, dumbbells, barbells and foam rollers.

Staff will direct participants that if they are feeling unwell or have symptoms of fever, flu, cough or respiratory problems, they should not attend the session

Session restrictions which adhere to Victorian Government regulations apply.

Wipe over all fixtures, common use areas and equipment prior to, during and at completion of session with disinfectant wipes and spray that will kill 99.9% of germs

Staff will provide disinfectant wipes for cleaning

What happens with my membership? 
All memberships on hold will be reactivated on 21 January 2021. Existing credits on membership accounts cannot be used as payment for bookings during this time.

Can I enter a session or class late?
We have staggered start times to ensure Victorian Government regulations are adhered to.  Late arrivals to group fitness classes will not be permitted. Any fees paid will be forfeited. Late arrivals for lap swimming or the gym must complete their swim or session within their allocated booking times and cannot carry over into the next session.

Can I leave a session early?
Yes, please exit through the normal venue entry/exit point.

What happens if I forget my towel or water bottle?
You can purchase these items from customer service or the gym (contactless payment preferred).

Will I need to visit the Group Fitness kiosk and print off a ticket for my session?
No, all bookings will be managed online.  On arrival, your e-ticket will be scanned, and you will be directed to the group fitness class where staff will provide you with additional instructions.  Please follow signage and floor stickers to ensure you are adhering to social distancing requirements.

What happens to lost property?
Lost property will be kept for 1 week only and can be collected from the venue.

What can I purchase at the venue? 
We will be selling water and retail items.  You can purchase these items from customer service or the gym (contactless payment preferred).

I’m an active golf member. Do I still have to book in and pay to use Aquanation and/or Aquahub?  
Yes, you are still required to book and pay for your session online to access Aquanation and/or Aquahub.  Your golf membership will only grant you access to book a tee time at Dorset and Ringwood Golf.  

Lifestyle members who varied their membership to golf only also need to book and pay the casual rate to access Aquanation and/or Aquahub.

Can I sign up as a new member before membership direct debits resume? 
Yes, however the membership will not commence until direct debits resume. The benefits of signing up ahead of reactivation is that you will get regular updates on the venue offerings, free locker access and any changes and additions to the program. Until this time, you may book and pay online to access scheduled sessions or classes at Aquanation and/or Aquahub. 

I’m a cancelled member, do I need to pay a joining fee to re-join? 
Returning member joining fees are being waived until direct debits recommence. You can reactivate your membership by emailing to arrange a time for a new contract to be completed and processed. 

I have a current visit pass for Aquanation and/or Aquahub. Can I use this rather than pay the casual booking fee?  
Visit passes are not available until Victorian Government regulations ease. The expiry of visit passes will be extended when direct debits resume.  

I am a Fitness Passport member. Can I access the venue?  
Fitness Passport is not available until Victorian Government regulations ease. You are welcome to book online and pay the casual fee.

When are swimming lessons and gymnastics resuming? 
We are following the Victorian Government regulations. Swimming lessons and gymnastics will not resume until further notice.  

Outdoor bootcamp

What is an outdoor bootcamp and what can I expect in a session?
An outdoor bootcamp is a group fitness session or class that is run outdoors by a qualified personal trainer and designed to build strength, endurance and fitness through body weight exercises, kettlebells and running drills.

During this outdoor session you can expect to warm up with some cardio fitness e.g. running and stretching, followed by a wide variety of interval training exercises using your body weight and other equipment such as kettlebells. Sessions will finish with cool-down and stretching. These sessions are designed for weight-management, increasing strength and muscle tone. Each session is based around camaraderie and team effort. Your instructor will motivate you, push you and make each session challenging and fun.

How fit do I have to be fit to participate in a bootcamp?
If you can walk up a set of stairs you are fit enough! Our boot camp instructors will always give a beginner's option and an advanced option for everything we do, so that everyone gets the most out of the sessions. If you are new to exercise, we will ease you into the sessions and help you every step of the way. Our bootcamps are aimed for ages 12 plus.

What should I wear and bring with me?
Please wear runners and comfortable clothing, and appropriate for outdoor weather conditions. Please bring an exercise mat, large towel, water, hand sanitiser and face masks/gloves (if desired).

How many bootcamps do I need to come to each week to get results?
If you are new to exercise, we recommend making time to come to at least two (2) bootcamps per week. Based on the frequency and limited positions we are limiting member bookings to a maximum of two (2) bootcamps per week only.

I don’t want to come to a bootcamp where someone yells at me.
All our sessions are positive, encouraging and fun and everyone is made to feel welcome. We are a non-military bootcamp which means there is no intimidating instructor screaming at anyone and no negativity or exercise 'punishments'.

What if I cannot keep up or struggle due to a pre-existing injury?
If you have a medical condition or are pregnant, make sure you've had medical clearance to participate prior to signing up to the bootcamp. You should only work within your limits including your health and any injuries.

The instructor will be able to offer you alternate exercises, so you can still take part in the session and give you as many rest breaks as you require.

Can I bring my child or infant with me?
Based on the current Victorian Government regulations, we can only accommodate the individual who has booked into the session. Bootcamps will only have a maximum at any one session, plus the bootcamp instructor as outlined by the Victorian Government regulations. 

What happens if it rains?
If it rains, we will still run the session and you will get a little wet! For safety reasons the session may be modified, but we recommend you bring wet weather gear. Dependant on the location there may be the opportunity to run part of the session under cover.

I would love to attend a bootcamp but there are no sessions at the venue and time that suits me.
Based on the popularity of these bootcamps we will be adding more bootcamps and times over the upcoming weeks.