J.T (Junior Teleni)

Achieve your fitness goals, one-on-one.



  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Strength training and maximising muscle building
  • Sport specific speed and power training
  • Body transformation


  • Certificate III and IV (Master Trainer)
  • Level 1 Sports Trainer
  • Registered Exercise Professional
  • Ex-professional sports athlete

A bit about me

I have over 10 years experience in the fitness industry including playing rugby and rugby league at a professional level in both Australia and New Zealand. Over the years, I have utilised what I learnt as a professional athlete to apply the same level of excellence to all my personal training and small group sessions. If you are looking for a challenge and want to take your training to another level, then it's time to raise the bar and book a session with me.

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