Works at Ringwood Golf

20 March 2017

Ringwood Golf are working to improve the overall quality of the 10th and 11th fairway including new bunkers, sand capping and cart path construction. 

Starting on Tuesday 21 March, the following works will occur:

- Construction of two new bunkers on the 10th hole

- Sand capping on the front of the 10th green

- A concrete path will be installed from the 10th green, down the left hand side of the 11th tee and fairway.

- Reconstruction and re-sizing of the 11th tee and elimination of the existing pathway.

- Drainage and re-shaping of the area between the 11th tee and fairway to improve winter playability.

These works are expected to take two weeks plus several weeks for "grow in time". There will be a temporary green on the 10th hole with a distance of approximately 220m from the tee. A temporary tee will also be available on the 11th hole, which will reduce the hole to approximately 210m. 

Please follow any directional signs during this time and contact the golf shop for any additional information.