Ringwood Golf's World Record Attempt

26 April 2016

Wow, what an event! Ringwood Golf was packed with spectators on April 11 to watch both professional and amateur golfers set world records for the fastest game of golf on a Golf Skate Caddy™ in six categories. 

The official World Record results:

Male professional golfer: Graham Maher Total time: 43:07

Female professional golfer: Michelle Scerri Total time: 44:57

Male amateur golfer: Darren Browning Total time: 47:20

Female amateur golfer: Mei Lee Total time: 47:44

Male amateur golfers relay total time: 55:24

Male amateur relay team members:
1. Alan Walton
2. Justin Lowe
3. Mathew Fitzgerald
4. Jeremy Cutajar
5. Stephen Fulton
6. Tim Burgess
7. Darren Browning
8. Adrian Crane
9. Neil Harrington
10. Matt White
11. Peter Denier
12. Joshua Burt
13. John Beswick
14. Guenther Bohnke
15. Geoff Wallis
16. Usman Naseer
17. Tim Cocks
18. Jarrad Glenn

Female amateur golfer relay total time: 1:29:12
Female amateur golfer relay team members:
1. Sue Stanley
2. Lisa Den Elzen
3. Michelle Shafran
4. Kaye Tankard
5. Helen King
6. Pam Happ
7. Helen Reid
8. Sue Lancaster
9. Gilda Moore
10. Pam Byrne
11. Sandy Goddard
12. Lee Thompson
13. Sharon Cousins
14. Fiza Errington
15. Corinne Dyer
16. Julie Browning
17. Marge Reid
18. Glenys Harrison


Want to see more of the action? Check out our gallery.