Winter swimming tips

24 May 2018

Reckon it's cold outside? Yeah, we feel ya. But that doesn't mean that kids should slack off on swimming lessons till the weather warms up.

In fact, winter is a great time of year to help your child progress their skills.  Why? Let's break it down for you:

1. Lessons keep your children safe around water: This is absolutely the most important reason to keep up your kids swimming lessons during colder months. Why? Because unfortunately, drownings don't just occur in summer and regular lessons may aid in reducing that risk.

2. Your kids will progress faster: It's common for a child to take up to 18 months to pass a level. If your child stops swimming for three months over winter, you may find that they will take even longer to master those vital skills

3. Your child may be less likely to get sick: Regular exercise, such as swimming lessons, boosts your child's immune system. That means they'll have added protection against those winter (and spring/summer/autumn!) bugs.

4. Remember to keep your child warm: Don't forget to bring coats, scarves and beanies to swimming. Adding those extra layers for the car ride home will make them more comfortable and make swimming a more pleasant experience. Dressing gowns are a fantastic option!

We hope you are all planning on staying warm (but not necessarily dry!) over winter!