Water safety tips for parents

4 July 2017

Water safety isn't just important when the warm weather hits. Here are some top tips for parents to keep their kids safe around water in winter from AustSwim:

Tip #1

Be within arm's reach when your family is in, on, or around water. Remember, water safety  begins with you.

Tip #2

Regardless of you or your child's swimming ability, no person is drown proof. Make sure there is adequate supervision at all times when your family is in or around water. 

Tip #3

Water can be pretty fascinating to toddlers, even at home. A great way to avoid potential dangers in the home is to remove fish ponds and wading or swimming pools. Make sure they can't get into a bathtub or check out the toilet on their own. 

Tip #4

Water is everywhere and it's not always in a heated, clean pool. up on your water safety knowledge and personal survival skills beyond the pool for the home, beach, rivers or lakes. 

If you'd like to learn more about how to keep your family safe around water ask one of our Austswim qualified teachers at Aquahub or Aquanation, or visit www.austswim.com.au