Swimming in winter

4 July 2017

The thought of putting on togs and winter weather don’t really go hand in hand, but it’s important your kids keep swimming throughout the colder months. There are heaps of reasons why swimming is so ace in winter, and here are a few we’ve rounded up for you.

It keeps their skills up to scratch

One big reason why keeping up those swimming lessons is essential, is because your child will continually progress their skills throughout the year. If children stop learning during winter, muscle memory of skills and drills can plateau or even regress –  not exactly helpful for when summer does finally roll around. Plus, they could even develop new skills by the time it starts warming up outside.

It keeps kids healthy

Given winter is a doozy season for the sniffles, swimming is the perfect sport for winter. Why? Because swimming will strengthen your child’s immune system and help ward off those pesky colds. Additionally, because swimming uses every muscle in the body, it’s a great way for your kids to keep fit.


Taking a break from swimming when the weather gets chilly could hinder your child’s confidence in the water. In fact, this lack of confidence could develop to a fear of the water as they will have lost their feel for the water.

Keeping up appearances

Swimming throughout the colder months helps kids maintain social development skills.


Drowning doesn’t stop in winter, why should swimming lessons? In fact, Royal Life Saving warns that "almost a third of all drowning deaths in the 5 to 14 year old age group happen in autumn and winter."

Help your kids maintain their skills so they can stay safe around the water.


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