Whats your motivation?

27 February 2015

You may have set some goals like "I want to be healthier", "I want to tone up” or "I want to be fitter".  If these sound familiar they are a very good start, however these goals can be a little vague and have no timeline or accountability, which can make achieving your goal difficult.

Those who set specific, measurable and achievable goals have much greater success.  So here we go – set a goal, write it down and tell family and friends.  By doing this it will make you more accountable and will make the goal real.  Break down your goal into smaller mini goals that you can measure along the way.

Set a 'result goal' - What you would like to achieve. Eg Lose 5kg in 10 weeks.

Set a 'process goal' - How you will achieve your goal. Eg Complete my program sheet for a week and prepare homemade lunches (from my healthy meal plan) for a week.

Write down this goal, stick it on your fridge and tell everyone (find a free fitness app to share with your friends).  By achieving these process goals, you will find that the results will start to follow too.

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